Franchise Investment and Cost

We of the Neighborhood Kids brand embrace and engender an atmosphere of love and purpose to empower the learning and growth of each child.

Per our 2022 Franchise
Disclosure Document
Initial Fees and
Investment Term
Notes on Investment
Startup Investment

$2,326,000 to $3,701,459

Preexisting Preschool Space:

$419,000 to $777,429

The cost is for one preschool, depending on the lease model chosen, a permanent lease build-out or operating in a prebuilt early childhood education center.

Initial Franchise Fee

We discount the initial Franchise Fee for two preschools will be discounted to $135,000.

Ongoing Royalty
7% of Gross Sales

The cost is to be paid montly.

Brand Development Fund
1% of Gross Sales

You will also invest 1% in local marketing.

Grand Opening
$45,000 to $50,000

The cost is include in startup range for pre-enrollment and launch.

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