Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Every child possesses a unique purpose for life. As educators, our function - our determination - is to empower the children brought to our care and influence with the educational resources and foundational values necessary for them to recognize their purposes and to develop successful lives to impact the world for good.


To help churches grow their community and maximize revenue by operating low-risk, exceptionla Christian preschools in their kids spaces.


To partner with Churches by operating exceptional Christian preschools in their existing kids spaces.


Grow Your Community: Provide access to hundreds of prospective new young family members to your church.

Maximize Revenue: Create more opportunities for ministry through a low-risk, high-return, mission-aligned preschool program.

Build your Brand: Establish a reputation of high-quality Christian education.

Expand your Influence: Increase your presence as a trusted resource for young families.

Provide a Safe Environment: Become known as a safe place for children and families

(Influence, curriculum, developmental, spiritual, physical, etc.).

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