Your Journey

Your journey starts today! Once you decide you want to be considered for Franchise Ownership, we will outline more of our initial and ongoing support.

Pre-Opening Training and Support (POTS) is core to each Franchise Owner’s journey. The Initial Franchise Fee includes this support. Franchise Owners join us for two weeks in South Florida where we cover our curriculum model, technology (enrollment, tuition, optional enrichment programs, and meals), advertising programs, and local marketing, including the pre-enrollment process. We also provide an overview of critical aspects of financial and business management of the values-based preschool campus each Franchise Owner will operate. Here, Franchise Owners and Directors (at the Franchise Owner’s option) will learn our curriculum, best practices, and culture.

Directors must attend a three-day program at our South Florida-based headquarters within three to six months of their hire dates.

In addition, we provide Franchise Owners on-site training and support for teachers in your Neighborhood Kids the week prior to opening. As a Franchise Owner, you have our ongoing guidance to develop, grow, and become an active part of your community.

Start Up Investment

The minimum initial investment for the pre-existing preschool program is $120,000:

  • Franchise Fee: $70,000 (includes 140 hours of training)

  • Advertising Contribution: $45,000

  • Background Check: $5,000

The minimum initial investment for the permanent lease program is $130,000:

  • Franchise Fee: $70,000 (includes 140 hours of training)

  • Advertising Contribution: $45,000

  • Background Check: $5,000

  • Site Selection Fee: $10,000

Total Investment for the pre-existing pre-school lease programand Permanent Lease Program

Total Investment- Pre-existing PreSchool lease program: $374,833 to $733,944

Total Investment- Permanent Lease Program: $1,995,371 to $2,635,156

This includes franchise fee, construction leasehold improvements, furniture and fixtures, signage, computers, professional fees and grand opening advertising.

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